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Our vision is to be earth’s most outdoor centric company; to build a place where people come to discover and explore anything they might want to experience on Earth.

Our goal is to promote outdoor lifestyle in Eastern Europe by education, courses, expeditions and distributed gear.

We represent what is the best in expeditions market: 25 years of exposure to uncertain conditions, unfriendly weather and unknown paths.

Outdoor Education
First Aid
Cooking Classes
Discovering Wildlife

What we do

Remote Medicine

First aid courses, wilderness remote medicine and expedition medicine, adventurer training taught by recognized experts

Guided Expeditions

We offer 22 expeditions, treks and wilderness journeys to the Arctic Circle, Rocky Mountains, South America and Eastern Europe

Explorer Training

Practice outdoor skills including First Aid, Map Reading and Orienteering, Basic Packing, Survival, and Firearms Safety

Outdoor Cooking

Wilderness cooking techniques with an emphasis on cast iron, campfire, and primitive cooking. Plus basic baking, smoking, grilling, and survival food preparation skills

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